HEPIALIDAE of Australia
Ghost Moths, Swift Moths
Don Herbison-Evans
Stella Crossley







Many of the adult female moths of this family lay very large numbers of eggs, some more than 10,000, and they are laid while flying. The moths have long narrow wings, and long bodies.

Worldwide: there are about 500 species in HEPIALIDAE, divided into about 80 genera. In Australia, there are over 100 named species in HEPIALIDAE, representing 10 of these genera, namely :

Abantiades albofasciatus

  • Abantiades antenniochrus
    Abantiades aphenges
  • Abantiades argentangulum
    Abantiades argentata
    Abantiades argyrosticha
    Abantiades atripalpis : Bardi Grub, Rain Moth, Waikerie
    Abantiades aurilegulus : Western Ghost Moth
    Abantiades barcas : Northern Ghost Moth
  • Abantiades barnardi
  • Abantiades equipalpus
    Abantiades fulvomarginatus
    Abantiades furva
  • Abantiades horakae
    Abantiades hyalinatus : Mustard Ghost Moth
    Abantiades hydrographus
  • Abantiades inexpecta
  • Abantiades karnka
  • Abantiades kristenseni
    Abantiades labyrinthicus : Labyrinthine Ghost Moth
    Abantiades latipennis : Brown Ghost Moth
    Abantiades leucochiton : White Ghost Moth
  • Abantiades lineacurva
  • Abantiades mcquillani
  • Abantiades macropusinsularae
    Abantiades magnificus : Magnificent Ghost Moth
    Abantiades marcidus : Red Gum Ghost Moth
  • Abantiades mysteriella
  • Abantiades neglecta
  • Abantiades obscura
    Abantiades ocellatus
  • Abantiades pallida
    Abantiades paradoxa
    Abantiades pica : Mallee Ghost Moth
    Abantiades sericatus
  • Abantiades sui

  • Aenetus astathes
    Aenetus blackburnii : Blackburn's Ghost Moth
  • Aenetus djernaesae
    Aenetus dulcis
    Aenetus edwardsi : Ted's Ghost Moth
    Aenetus eximia : Forest Splendid Ghost Moth
    Aenetus lewinii : Lewin's Splendid Ghost Moth
    Aenetus ligniveren : Splendid Ghost Moth
    Aenetus mirabilis
    Abantiades moesta
    Aenetus montanus : Alpine Splendid Ghost Moth
    Aenetus ombraloma
    Aenetus ramsayi
    Aenetus scotti
    Aenetus scripta
    Aenetus splendens
    Aenetus tegulatus
  • Aenetus tephroptilus
  • Aenetus tindalei

  • Archaeoaenetus nielsoni

    Elhamma australasiae

  • Fraus basicornis
  • Fraus basidispina
  • Fraus bilineata : Lined Fraus
  • Fraus biloba
    Fraus crocea : Pink Fraus
  • Fraus distispina
  • Fraus furcata
    Fraus fusca : Mountain Fraus
    Fraus griseomaculata : Grey Fraus
    Fraus latistria : Button-Grass Fraus
    Fraus linogyna : Ochre Fraus
    Fraus marginispina : Spined Fraus
  • Fraus mediaspina
  • Fraus megacornis
  • Fraus minima
    Fraus nanus : Slender Fraus
  • Fraus orientalis : Eastern Fraus
  • Fraus pelagia
  • Fraus pilosa
    Fraus polyspila : Chequered Fraus
    Fraus pteromela : Heath Fraus
  • Fraus quadrangula
  • Fraus serrata
    Fraus simulans : Varied Fraus
    Fraus tedi : Ted's Fraus

    Jeana delicatula : Delicate Jeana

  • Jeana robiginosa

    Oncopera alboguttata
    Oncopera alpina : Alpine Corbie
    Oncopera brachyphylla
    Oncopera brunneata

  • Oncopera commoni
  • Oncopera epargyra
    Oncopera fasciculatus : Underground Grassgrub
    Oncopera intricata: Tasmanian Corbie
    Oncopera intricoides : Intricoid Corbie
    Oncopera mitocera
    Oncopera parva
    Oncopera rufobrunnea : Brown Corbie
  • Oncopera tindalei

    Oxycanus aedesima
    Oxycanus antipoda : Late Oxycanus

  • Oxycanus armatus
    Oxycanus aurifex
    Oxycanus australis : Southern Oxycanus
    Oxycanus ballux
    Oxycanus barnardi
    Oxycanus beltista
  • Oxycanus buluwandji
  • Oxycanus byrsa
    Oxycanus carus
  • Oxycanus determinata
    Oxycanus dirempta : Variable Oxycanus
    Oxycanus gelidus
    Oxycanus glauerti
  • Oxycanus goldfinchi
    Oxycanus goodingi : Gooding's Oxycanus
  • Oxycanus hamatus
    Oxycanus herdus
    Oxycanus hildae Hilda's Oxycanus
    Oxycanus janeus : Mountain Oxycanus
  • Oxycanus kochi
    Oxycanus loesus : Yellow Oxycanus
    Oxycanus lyelli : Lyell's Oxycanus
  • Oxycanus maculosus
  • Oxycanus naias
    Oxycanus niphadias : Western Oxycanus
    Oxycanus nuptialis : Mountain Oxycanus
    Oxycanus occidentalis
    Oxycanus oreades : Brachypterous Oxycanus
  • Oxycanus oressigenes : Alpine Oxycanus
    Oxycanus perditus : Chocolate Oxycanus
  • Oxycanus poeticus
  • Oxycanus promiscuus
    Oxycanus rosaceus Rosaceus Oxycanus
    Oxycanus rufescens : Dry-country Oxycanus
    Oxycanus silvanus : Pale Oxycanus
    Oxycanus sirpus : Heath Oxycanus
  • Oxycanus spadix
  • Oxycanus sphragidias
    Oxycanus stellans : Spotted Oxycanus
    Oxycanus subvaria : Small Oxycanus
  • Oxycanus waterhousei

    Zelotypia stacyi : Bent-wing Ghost Moth

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