Suniana sunias (C. Felder, 1860)
Orange Dart
(previously known as Pamphila sunias)
Don Herbison-Evans
Stella Crossley

Suniana sunias
(Photo: courtesy of Wes Jenkinson)

This caterpillar is green with a brown head. It has been found feeding on :

  • Southern Cut Grass ( Leersia hexandra ),
  • Guinea Grass ( Panicum maximum ),
  • Vasey Grass ( Paspalum urvillei ), and
  • Wild Sudan Grass ( Sorghum verticilliflorum ),

    all of POACEAE. The caterpillar rests in a shelter made from blades of the foodplant joined with silk.

    Suniana sunias
    (Photo: courtesy of Wes Jenkinson)

    The caterpillar grows to a length of about 2 cms. It pupates in its shelter, head upward.

    Suniana sunias
    (Photo: courtesy of Todd Burrows, South Stradbroke Island, Queensland)

    The upper side of the adult butterfly is dark brown with bright orange markings across each wing. The males have a black line across part of each forewing.

    Suniana sunias
    (Photo: courtesy of Todd Burrows, South Stradbroke Island, Queensland)

    Underneath, the wings are pale brown with orange and darker brown patches. The wingspan is about 2.5 cms.

    Suniana sunias
    (Photo: courtesy of Wes Jenkinson)

    The eggs are laid singly on a foodplant leaf. They are hemispherical and initially white. As they deveop, they acquire red markings.

    The species is found as various races in

  • Indonesia,
  • Solomons, and
  • New Guinea,

    and in Australia, three races have been recognised :

  • sauda Waterhouse, 1937, in the Northern Territory,
  • rectivitta (Mabile, 1878) in Queensland and New South Wales,
  • nola (Waterhouse, 1932) along the coast of Queensland.

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