Rhynchina obliquarlis (Kollar, 1844)
(one synonym : Hypena masurialis Guenée, 1854)
Don Herbison-Evans
Maik Bippus & Stella Crossley

(Photo: courtesy of Nick Monaghan, Tewantin, Queensland)

The Caterpillars of this species have been found feeding on :

  • Wandering Jew ( Commelina cyanea, COMMELINACEAE ).

    (Photo: copyright: Luke Enright, Northern Territory)

    The adult moths have brown forewings, each with an oblique straight line from near the wingtip to halfway along the hind-margin, and a submarginal row of dark dots. The hindwings are plain brown. The moths have a wingspan of about 2 cms.

    (Photo: courtesy of CSIRO/BIO Photography Group, Centre for Biodiversity Genomics, University of Guelph, listed as Hypena masurialis)

    Specimens have been taken in

  • Cook Islands (listed as Hypena masurialis),
  • Japan (listed as Hypena masurialis),
  • Madagascar (listed as Hypena masurialis),
  • Taiwan (listed as Hypena masurialis),

    as well as in Australia in

  • Queensland (listed as Hypena masurialis),
  • New South Wales (listed as Hypena masurialis),
  • Australian Capital Territory (listed as Hypena masurialis), and
  • Norfolk Island (listed as Hypena masurialis).

    Kollar's 1844 holotype was lost for a period, during which the replacement name Hypena masurialis Guenée, 1854, was suggested. Subsequently the holotype was found, and so now the junior replacement name is no longer necessary.

    Rhynchina obliquarlis is superficially very similar to Hypena obacerralis, and they are confused in many collections. We hope we got the above photos correctly identified.

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