Entomological Collection
of the
Macleay Museum, University of Sydney

compiled by
Don Herbison-Evans (donherbisonevans@outlook.com)


This is the beginnings of a set of web pages aimed at providing eventually an online catalogue of the specimens in the Entomological Collection of the Macleay Museum. It is going to take a long time to make it comprehensive, but we have to start somewhere, so here goes.

The collection includes specimens from the collections of the Macleay family, and also:

  • John Abbot,
  • Jack Walter Trench Armstrong,
  • Richard Vratislav Bejsak,
  • Reverend Thomas Blackburn,
  • Charles Darwin,
  • Frederick Parkhurst Dodd,
  • Edward Donovan,
  • Dru Drury,
  • Kathleen English,
  • Runar Forsius,
  • John Francillon,
  • Walter Wilson Froggatt,
  • Alexandrè Arsène Girault,
  • George Hangay,
  • Johann Christoph Friedrich Klug,
  • Pierre Andre Latreille,
  • William Elford Leach,
  • Ian Murray Mackerras,
  • Alexander John Nicholson,
  • Titian Ramsay Peale,
  • Keith Eric Wellesley Salter,
  • Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles,
  • Allen Sundholm,
  • William Swainson,
  • Douglas Frew Waterhouse,
  • Gustavus Athol Waterhouse, and
  • John Obadiah Westwood.
  • The pinned specimens in the collection include representatives from :

      55x40 cms average
    Arachnida   2
    Chilopoda   1
    Crustacea   1
    Diplopoda   1
    Insecta   1108
    Monopoda   1

    The specimens in spirit in the collection include :

    specimens in spirit
    approx. number
    Arachnida   1000
    Insecta : Diptera (larvae)   500
    Insecta : Lepidoptera (larvae)   100

    Also featured are:
  • Specimens in the collection from New Guinea
  • Australian Lepidoptera parasitoids
  • Some Type specimens in the collection

  • Australian
    Australian Butterflies
    Australian Moths

    (updated 19 April 2006, 17 March 2013)