Neola semiaurata Walker, 1855
Golden Notodontid
Don Herbison-Evans
Bruce Anstee & Stella Crossley

Neola semiaurata
(Photo: copyright Bruce Anstee, Riverstone, New South Wales)

This Caterpillar is stout, and a pink-grey colour. It is covered in sparse short hairs, and has a fleshy spike on its tail. The prolegs are black, each with a dozen pale spots.

Neola semiaurata
partial defensive display
(Photo: copyright Bruce Anstee, Riverstone, New South Wales)

It has been found feeding on various plants, including:

  • Yellow Shower ( Cassia queenslandica, CAESALPINIACEAE ),
  • Three Veined Laurel ( Cryptocarya triplinervis, LAURACEAE ),
  • Fringed Wattle ( Acacia fimbriata, MIMOSACEAE ),
  • Spider Flowers ( Grevillea, PROTEACEAE ),
  • Large-leaf Hop-bush ( Dodonaea triquetra, SAPINDACEAE ), and
  • Narrow-leaved Bottle Tree ( Brachychiton rupestris,, STERCULIACEAE ).

    and grows to a length of 6 cms.

    Neola semiaurata
    upset, showing eyespots on tail
    (Photo: courtesy of Ian McMillan, Imbil, Queensland)

    When upset: it adopts a defensive display: rearing its head and tail up in the air, and it expanding a pair of eyespots under its tail (normally hidden in folds of skin).

    Neola semiaurata
    upset, showing red appendage under head
    (Photo: courtesy of Ian McMillan, Imbil, Queensland)

    If very upset, from under the head it also everts a red appendage.

    Neola semiaurata
    (Specimen: courtesy of the Macleay Museum, University of Sydney)

    It pupates in a cocoon in the ground litter.

    Neola semiaurata

    The adult moth is rather dull compared to its caterpillar, having speckled dark grey forewings, and pale orange hindwings. It has a wingspan of about 6 cms.

    Neola semiaurata
    (Specimen: courtesy of Ian McMillan, Imbil, Queensland)

    The species is found in Eastern Australia in:

  • Queensland,
  • New South Wales,
  • Australian Capital Territory,
  • Victoria, and
  • Tasmania.

    Neola semiaurata
    (Specimen: courtesy of the The Australian Museum)

    Neola semiaurata
    (Photo: courtesy of Paul Kay, Victoria)

    Neola semiaurata
    (Photo: courtesy of Paul Kay, Victoria)

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