Euploea darchia (W.S. Macleay, 1826 )
Small Brown Crow
(one synonym : Calliploea waterhousei Bryk, 1937)
Don Herbison-Evans
Stella Crossley

(Photo: by C.E. Meyer, courtesy of The Australian Entomologist)

This species was named by Captain King of Macleay's ship (the "Bathust") after his friend Thomas Darch, of the Admiralty.

These Caterpillars have a series of alternating dark brown and pale cream bands across each segment, shading into orange-brown at the sides of the body. There is a cream stripe along each side of the body just above the legs. The caterpillars have three pairs of dark brown fleshy filaments. The caterpillars grow to a length of about 4 cms. They feed on the new shoots of :

  • Burny Vine ( Trophis scandens, MORACEAE ).

    The caterpillars grow to a length of about 4 cms. The pupa is naked and hung by a cremaster. It is initially green, but it changes to appear metallic after a couple of days, looking as though it is chrome-plated. It has a length of about 1 cm.

    Euploea darchia niveata
    (Specimen: courtesy of the Macleay Museum, University of Sydney)

    The adult butterflies emerge after just over a week, and are brownish black, with an arc of white spots around each wing margin.

    Euploea darchia darchia
    (Photo: courtesy of CSIRO/BIO Photography Group, Centre for Biodiversity Genomics, University of Guelph)

    The undersides are very similar to the upper surfaces. The adult butterflies have a wing span around 5 cms.

    Euploea darchia niveata
    (Photo : courtesy of Bill Crins, Daintree, Queensland)

    The eggs are yellow and have a height of about 1 mm. The are laid singly on the undersides of leaves on young shoots of a foodplant.

    There are various subspecies found in

  • Indonesia,

    and Australian has the two subspecies :

  • darchia with small white spots around the margin of each hindwing, in the north of Western Australia and the Northern Territory, and

  • niveata (Butler, 1875) with a broad white margin to each hindwing, in Queensland.

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