Charaxes latona Butler, 1865
Orange Emperor
Don Herbison-Evans
Stella Crossley

(Photo: courtesy Bob Miller, specimen courtesy of Mark Hopkinson, Iron Range, Queensland)

This species was probably named after the God Latona of Ancient Egypt.

(Photo: courtesy Bob Miller, specimen courtesy of Mark Hopkinson, Iron Range, Queensland)

The Caterpillars are green with a pale pink patch on the back of the first abdominal segment, and pairs of similar patches and/or black spots on later segments. The head has four long horns, with shorter horns between each pair, and two small horns on the tail. The caterpillar grows to a length of about 5 cms. It lives on a silk platform that it constructs on its foodplant. The caterpillars feed on a number of species of plant, including :

  • Three veined Cryptocarya ( Cryptocarya triplinervis, LAURACEAE ).

    The pupa is green with white markings. It is suspended head downward from a cremaster from a branch, and has a length of about 3 cms.

    (Photos: courtesy Clive Pratt and The Insect Company)

    The adult butterflies are brown with a submarginal band of black spots, which are wide at the forewing tip and narrow at the hindwing tornus. Underneath, they are orange with thin wavy black lines. The males have a lilac tinge underneath. The butterflies have a wingspan up to 8 cms.

    The species occurs in

  • New Guinea, and adjacent islands,

    and in Australia in

  • Queensland on Cape York.

    Specimens may be purchased from The Insect Company.

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