Moths of Victoria
Part 5
Satin Moths and Allies
Geometridae - Ennominae - Nacophorini

Marilyn Hewish

Peter Marriott, Ted Edwards,
Axel Kallies and Stephen Williams
Museum Victoria
Entomological Society of Victoria

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   Nature's rich palette in vibrant colours, pastel shades, earth tones, soft greys and snowy whites.

This is the third book of Geometrids. The group featured here is the most diverse in the family and many species are widespread in both urban and country Victoria.

With 160 species and over 1100 images, this book presents every known Victorian moth in these two groups for the first time.

Here is essential reference for-

  • Anyone seeking to identify the moths around their homes and countryside.
  • Naturalists, students and scientists.
  • Land Care and 'Friends' groups.
  • Organisations working with the environment.

    The disk provides over 400 additional pages with information, biology and distribution for each species.


    (updated 6 June 2014)
    Don Herbison-Evans