Moths of Victoria
Part 6
Ghost Moths and Allies
Hepialidae - Lophocoronidae

Axel Kallies

Peter Marriott and Marilyn Hewish
Museum Victoria
Entomological Society of Victoria

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   From tiny secretive moths to
some of the largest of all moths
that appear with the autumn rains.

With more than 50 species and over 400 images, this book presents every known Victorian moth of two evolutionarily anceient families: the Hepialidae and lophocoronidae. The larvae of some species are well-known as Bardi grubs, while the moths are also known as Rain Moths.

Here is essential reference for-

  • Anyone seeking to identify the moths around their homes and countryside.
  • Naturalists, students and scientists.
  • Land Care and 'Friends' groups.
  • Organisations working with the environment.

    The disk provides over 150 additional pages with information, biology and distribution for each species.


    (updated 16 November 2015)
    Don Herbison-Evans