Apophyllum anomalum
Warrior Bush
or Currant Bush

Don Herbison-Evans ( donherbisonevans@yahoo.com )
Valda Dedman, Geelong

(updated 29 August 2005)

This plant is a small tree with a short trunk, or even a leafless shrub, 2 to 5 metres high. It is drought-resistant and found in woodlands on loams of NSW plains east of the Paroo-Darling systems. It is often associated with Belah, Bimble Box and Leopardwood.

The twigs on the ends of the branches are smooth and green, and inclined stiffly upward. Its small, whitish and fragrant flowers are arranged in short clusters.

It is an important food plant for the larvae of the butterfly:

Belenois java

Further reading :

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