Cepora perimale (Donovan, 1805)
Australian Gull
Don Herbison-Evans
Stella Crossley

Cepora perimale
(Photo: courtesy of Wes Jenkinson)

The Caterpillar of this species is green with yellow dots and white hairs. When resting, it often lies along a midrib of a foodplant leaf. It feeds on fresh young leaves and shoots of various species of Capparis, CAPPARACEAE, including:

  • Wild Caper ( Capparis canescens ),
  • Native Orange ( Capparis mitchellii ), and
  • Hedge Caper ( Capparis sepiaria ).

    Cepora perimale
    (Photo: courtesy of Helen Schwencke, from Create More Butterflies)

    The pupa is green and angular, and attached to a twig or leaf by its cremaster and a girdle of silk.

    Cepora perimale
    (Photo: courtesy of Trevor Jinks, North Burnett, Queensland)

    The adult butterflies are white with broad black margins containing white spots. The wings tend to grey at the bases.

    Cepora perimale
    (Photo: courtesy of Steve Pearson, Airlie Beach, Queensland)

    The undersides have a similar pattern to the upper surfaces, except the base colour is yellow or even brown in the dry season form. The wingspan is about 4 cms.

    Cepora perimale
    Photo: courtesy of
    Ken Walker
    Cepora perimale
    Photo: courtesy of
    Wes Jenkinson

    The eggs are spindle shaped with about 10 ribs, and pale yellow: about 1 mm high and 0.3 mm in diameter. They are often laid singly on young shoots of a foodplant.

    Cepora perimale
    close-up of head
    (Photo: courtesy of Steve Pearson, Airlie Beach, Queensland)

    This species occurs as various races across south-east Asia and the south-west Pacific, including

  • Fiji,
  • Java,
  • Nouvelle-CalÚdonie,
  • Pakistan,

    The subpecies scyllara (Macleay, 1826) occurs in Australia, including

  • Western Australia,
  • Northern Territory,
  • Queensland,
  • New South Wales, and
  • Victoria.

    Cepora perimale
    Kraft Australia
    Cepora perimale
    Norfolk Island 1976

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