Catopsilia pomona (Fabricius, 1775)
Lemon Migrant
(one synonym : Colias jugurthina Godart, 1819)
Don Herbison-Evans
Stella Crossley

Catopsilia pomona
(Specimen: courtesy of the Butterfly House, Coffs Harbour)

The Caterpillar is green with a dark dorsal stripe, and has a pale green head with black dots. The foodplants of this Caterpillar are various species in the family CAESALPINIACEAE :

  • Brewster's Cassia ( Cassia brewsteri ),
  • Pink Lady ( Cassia javanica ),
  • Velvet Myrtle ( Cassia tomentella ),
  • Stick Senna ( Senna alata ),
  • Jewelled Cassia ( Senna coronilloides ),
  • Weedy Cassia ( Senna magnifolia ),
  • Brush Senna ( Senna marksiana ),
  • Scented Senna ( Senna odorata ),
  • Chocolate Bush ( Senna pleurocarpa ),
  • Queensland Cassia ( Senna queenslandica ), and
  • Candlestick Cassia ( Senna venusta ).

    as well as the exotics :

  • Popcorn Cassia ( Cassia didymobotrya ),
  • Pudding Pie Tree ( Cassia fistula ), and
  • Kassod Tree ( Senna siamea ).

    The Caterpillar usually rests lying along the midrib of a leaf, making it very difficult to see. The pupa is also hard to see, as it closely resembles a leaf. It is green with a pointed head, and often attached upright to a stem of the foodplant by cremaster and girdle.

    Catopsilia pomona
    (Specimen: courtesy of the Butterfly House, Coffs Harbour)

    The adults have a wingspan up to 6 cms. The wings of the male are white with black wingtips, and a yellow blush toward the hinges.

    Catopsilia pomona
    (Specimen: courtesy of the The Australian Museum)

    The wings of the female are pale yellow with black edges and spots.

    Catopsilia pomona
    (Specimen: courtesy of the The Australian Museum)

    Underneath, the wings are dirty white with dark orange markings.

    Catopsilia pomona
    Male underside

    Catopsilia pomona
    Female underside

    (Specimens: courtesy of the The Australian Museum)

    The eggs are pale yellow and barrel-shaped with ribs. They are laid singly on leaflets of a foodplant.

    The species occurs from Madagascar through south-east Asia, including :

  • India,
  • Japan,
  • New Guinea,
  • Thailand,

    and in Australia in:

  • Northern Territory,
  • Queensland,
  • New South Wales,
  • Victoria,
  • South Australia, and
  • Western Australia.

    Catopsilia pomona
    (Photo: courtesy of Ian McMillan, Imbil, Queensland)

    This species is featured at Coffs Harbour Butterfly House. Butterflies of this species may be purchased for release at weddings etc.

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