Acanthus family: ACANTHACEAE (ASTERIDAE) in Australia
Avicenniaceae, Justiciaceae, Mendonciaceae, Meyeniaceae, Nelsoniaceae, and   Thunbergiaceae

Flowers in Australia
Don Herbison-Evans,
Christine Ashe
Plants in Australia Plant

Acanthus mollis
Bear's Breech
Sydney, October 2006

Aphelandra squarrosa 'Louisae'
Zebra Plant
Sydney, February 2007

Avicennia marina
Coastal Mangrove
Sydney, August 2006

Barleria repens
Small Bush Violet
Sydney, September 2006

Brunoniella australis
Blue Trumpet
Concord, January 2010

Dicliptera suberecta
King's Crown
Wyee, January 2008

Eranthemum pulchellum
Blue Sage
Concord, September 2008

Hypoestes aristata
Ribbon Bush
Sydney, April 2007

Hypoestes phyllostachya
Polka Dot Plant
Concord, November 2006

Justicia brandegeana
Shrimp Plant
Sydney, September 2006

Justicia carnea
Plume Flower
Sydney, November 2006

Mackaya bella
River Bell
Wyee, November 2007

Megaskepasma erythrochlamys
Brazilian Red-Cloak
Sydney, April 2008

Odontonema strictum
Red Justicia
Wyee, March 2006

Pachystachys lutea
Yellow Candles
Wyee, February 2007

Pseuderanthemum variabile
Pastel Flower
Wyee, March 2006

Strobilanthes anisophyllus
Sydney, August 2006

Strobilanthes dyerianus
Persian Shield
Wyee, June 2008

Thunbergia alata
Black Eyed Susan
Sydney, August 2006

Thunbergia grandiflora
Blue Trumpet Vine
Elizabeth Bay, February 2008

Caterpillars of some Australian Butterflies and Moths favour species in ACANTHACEAE for their foodplant, including:

Hypochrysops epicurus

Zizula hylax

Hypolimnas alimena

Hypolimnas misippus

Hypolimnas bolina

Junonia hedonia

Junonia orithya

Yoma sabina

Doleschallia bisaltide

Cenoloba obliteralis

Hyblaea puera

Syntherata janetta

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