Philodendron family : ARACEAE (ARECIDAE) in Australia
Caladiaceae, Callaceae, Cryptocorynaceae, Dracontiaceae, Lemnaceae, Orontiaceae, Pistiaceae, and Wolffiaceae

Flowers in Australia
Don Herbison-Evans,
Christine Ashe
Plants in Australia Plant

Aglaonema pseudo-bracteata
'Silver King'
Concord, August 2006
courtesy of Concord RSL
Alocasia brisbanensis
Wyee, March 2007
Alocasia macrorrhiza 'Maki'
Giant Elephant Ears
Kuranda, March 2007
Photo: courtesy of Max Moulds

Anthurium andreanum
Flamingo Flower
Sydney, August 2006

Arum italicum
Cuckoo Pint
Morwell Park, November 1990

Caladium humboldtii
Angel Wings
Plant: courtesy of Daphne Elliott
Bundaberg, May 2007

Colocasia esculenta
Sydney, August 2006

Dieffenbachia amoena
Striped Dumb Cane
specimen courtesy of The Ginger Factory,
Yandina, April 2007

Dieffenbachia leoniae
Dumb Cane
Sydney, November 2006

Dracunculus vulgaris
Voodoo Lily
Wyee, October 2007

Gymnostachys anceps
Settlers' Twine
Wyee, March 2007

Lemna minor
Sydney, October 2006

Monstera deliciosa
Fruit Salad Plant
Sydney, August 2006

Monstera obliqua
Window Leaf
specimen: courtesy of Ginger Factory,
Yandina, April 2007

Philodendron oxycardium
Heart Leaf
Plant: courtesy of Teraesa Ashworth
Sydney, January 2007

Philodendron panduriforme
Fiddle Leaf
Granville, September 2006
courtesy of Byrnes Dance Image

Philodendron selloum
Split Leaf Philodenron
Sydney, August 2006

Philodendron 'Xanadu'
Sydney, August 2008

Spathiphyllum species
Peace Lily
Wyee, March 2007

Syngonium nepthytis
White-veined Arrowhead Vine
Sydney, August 2006

Syngonium podophyllum
Arrowhead Vine
Sydney, August 2006

Zamioculcas zamiifolia
Arum Fern
Sydney, December 2006

Xanthosoma violaceum
Blue Taro
Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, April 2011

Zantedeschia aethiopica
Calla lily
Morwell Park, October 1987

Some caterpillars of Australian Moths favour species in ARACEAE for their foodplant, including:

Cruria donowani

Cruria synopla

Eupanacra splendens

Hippotion celerio

Theretra tryoni

Theretra celata

Theretra nessus


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