Acosmeryx cinnamomea (Herrich-Schaffer, 1869)
(formerly known as Enyo cinnamomea)
Don Herbison-Evans,
Stella Crossley

young instar
(Photo: courtesy of Tom and David Sleep, Queensland)

The young Caterpillars of this species are green with a tapered forward curving tail horn. Later the caterpillars develop an off-white line bordered with red above, along each side, above a series of pale diagonal stripes along the sides. The pointed horn on the tail changes to curve backwards and often is not tapered.

later instar
(Photo: courtesy of Tom and David Sleep, Brisbane, Queensland)

These caterpillars have been found feeding on various species of VITACEAE :

  • Aussie Wild Grape ( Ampelocissus acetosa),
  • Slender Grape ( Cayratia clematidea ),
  • Kangaroo Vine ( Cissus antarctica ), and
  • Cultivated Grape ( Vitis vinifera ).

    (Photo: courtesy of Tom and David Sleep, Brisbane, Queensland)

    The caterpillar grows to a length of about 8 cms. The pupa has a length of about 4.5 cms. It is plain dark brown, with stepped abdominal segments.

    (Photo: courtesy of Scott Gavins, Fraser Coast, Queensland)

    The adult moths of this species are usually brown, with forewings that each have a general blotchy light and dark pattern, and an outlined pale spot near the centre. The forewings each have an indentation at the wingtip. The moths have a wingspan of about 8 cms.

    (Specimen: courtesy of Paul Kay, Kununurra, Western Australia)

    The undersides are similar to the upper surfaces.

    showing underside
    (Photo: courtesy of Scott Gavins, Fraser Coast, Queensland)

    The eggs are pale green and spherical, and laid singly on a tendril, stem, or under a youngleaf of a foodplant.

    an egg
    (Photo: courtesy of Steven Dodge, Nowra, New South Wales)

    The species is found in Australia in

  • Western Australia,
  • Northern Territory,
  • Queensland ,
  • New South Wales, and
  • Victoria.

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    (written 10 February 2020, updated 9 December 2020, 6 September 2022)