Tinea pellionella Linnaeus, 1758
Case-Making Clothes Moth
(one synonym : Phalaena zoolegella Scopoli, 1763)
Don Herbison-Evans,
Stella Crossley

Tinea pellionella
(Photo: courtesy of Entomart)

The Caterpillar is off-white with a dark brown head, and a split dark brown shield on its prothorax. The caterpillar lives in a silk case covered in fibres from its food items. The caterpillar is a pest, and is thought to feed on anything containing keratin, such as

  • wool,
  • feathers,

    but is also reported to feed on

  • stored vegetable produce, and
  • wallpaper.

    The caterpillar grows to a length of about 1 cm.

    Tinea pellionella
    case with skin of extruded pupa
    (Photo: courtesy of Entomart)

    It pupates in its case, and extrudes the pupa just before the adult moth emerges.

    Tinea pellionella
    (Photo: courtesy of Entomart)

    The adult moth is has forewings that are pale brown speckled with grey and black. Each forewing has three vague dark spots. The hindwings are off-white, shading to fawn along the costas. The wingspan is about 1 cm.

    Tinea pellionella
    (Photo: courtesy of Jean-Francois Landry and Centre for Biodiversity Genomics, University of Guelph)

    The species is found as several subspecies all over the world, including

  • Belgium,
  • Japan,
  • New Zealand,
  • U.K., and
  • U.S.A..

    This species was unfortunately introduced into Australia by accident, now being found over much of the country, including

  • Queensland,
  • Australian Capital Territory, and
  • Tasmania.

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