Australian Lepidoptera Weblinks
Don Herbison-Evans
Stella Crossley

  • Atlas of Living Australia
  • Australian Butterflies (Martin Purvis)
  • Australian Butterfly Boom (Martin Purvis)
  • Australian ButterflY Bust (Martin Purvis)
  • Australian Caterpillar Key
  • Australian Caterpillar Publications
  • Australian Faunal Directory
  • Australian Insects
  • Australian Lepidoptera (Bjorn Fjellstad)
  • Australian National Insect Collection
  • Australian Moths, Butterflies and Skippers (Australian Museum)
  • Batchelor Butterfly Farm (Northern Territory)
  • Brisbane Moths
  • Bugs Alive (Melbourne Musem)
  • Butterflies And Other Invertebrates Club (Brisbane)
  • Butterflies Of The Night (Museums Victoria)
  • Butterfly Adventures (Carnegie, Victoria)
  • Butterfly DVDs (Brisbane)
  • Butterfly Encounters (Live Butterflies for Sale, Brisbane, Qld)
  • Butterfly Hill, Nambour (Queensland)
  • Butterfly House, Bribie Island (Queensland)
  • Butterfly House, Coffs Harbour (New South Wales)
  • Butterfly House, Melbourne Zoo (Victoria)
  • Butterfly Sanctuary, Kuranda (North Queensland)
  • Butterfly Skye's- Butterfly Release and Insect Education (Sydney)
  • Carnivorous Caterpillars of Australia
  • Caterpillar Pests in Australia
  • CSIRO Moths
  • Eggs of Australian Butterflies and Moths
  • Entomological Society of New South Wales
  • Entomological Society of Queensland
  • Entomological Society of Victoria
  • Glossary of Lepidoptera terms
  • Identifying Australian Caterpillars
  • Imported Caterpillars control weeds
  • Lepidoptera, Australian (Donald Hobern)
  • Lepidoptera of Imbil (Ian McMillan)
  • Lepidoptera of Townsville (Graeme Cocks)
  • Lepidoptera of Upper Beaconsfield, Victoria (Laura Levens)
  • Lepidoptera of Wadalba, Gosford
  • Life Unseen: Butterflies and Moths (Nick Monaghan)
  • Melbourne Butterflies (La Trobe, Victoria)
  • Moths and Butterflies of Australasia
  • Moths of Victoria
  • Mothology (Buck Richardson)
  • Moths of Robertson, ACT
  • Moths of Great Western Victoria (Jenny Holmes)
  • Moths of Western Australia (Mark Heath)
  • Moth Symbolism (Tom Willis)
  • New Zealand Butterflies and Moths
  • Postage stamps (Australian) of Australian Lepidoptera
  • Postage stamps (overseas) of Australian Butterflies
  • Postage stamps (overseas) of Australian Moths
  • Preserving Australian Caterpillars
  • Save Our Waterways: Moths and Butterflies (Robert Whyte)
  • Sellers of live and set Australian Lepidoptera
  • South Australia, Butterfly Conservation
  • Stinging Australian Caterpillars
  • Sydney Butterflies
  • The Insect Company (selling Australian Lepidoptera)
  • Western Australian Lepidoptera

    Australian Butterflies
    Australian Moths

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