Chaetocneme porphyropis (Meyrick & Lower, 1902)
Purple Dusk-flat
(previously known as Phoenicops porphyropis)
Don Herbison-Evans,
Stella Crossley

(Photo: courtesy of Mark Hopkinson, collected near Atherton, Queensland)

The Caterpillar is pale green or orange-brown, with a brown head carrying a short pair of pale horns. Along each side of the abdomen are a row of pale dashes. The caterpillar lives by day in a shelter made from joining leaves together with silk. Nocturnally it emerges to feed.

(Photo: courtesy of Mark Hopkinson, collected near Atherton, Queensland)

Its foodplants are all from the Laurel (LAURACEAE) family, including :

  • Camphor Laurel ( Cinnamomum camphora ),
  • Cinnamon Laurel ( Cryptocarya grandis ),
  • Queensland Greenheart ( Endiandra compressa ),
  • Brown Bollywood ( Litsea leefeana ), and
  • White Bolly Gum ( Neolitsea dealbata ).

    The caterpillar pupates in its leafy shelter.

    (Photo: courtesy of Neil Hewett,   Cooper Creek Wilderness, Queensland)

    The adults are dark brown with a blue sheen, and a broad yellow stripe diagonally across each forewing. Each hindwing is black with a yellow wingtip. The undersides of the wings of Chaetocneme porphyropis are similar to the upper surfaces. The butterflies have a wing span of about 6 cms.

    The forewing pattern is rather similar to that of the moth Milionia queenslandica, which lives in the same area, although it is not clear if the mimicry is accidental.

    (Specimen: courtesy of the Macleay Museum, University of Sydney)

    The caterpillar hatches from a white ribbed dome-shaped egg laid singly on the upper surface of a leaf of a foodplant.

    The species occurs in

  • Queensland.

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