Thalaina angulosa Walker, 1865
Blotched Satin Moth
Don Herbison-Evans,
Cathy Byrne & Stella Crossley

Thalaina angulosa
(Photo: copyright Cathy Byrne)

These Caterpillars are green with a conspicuous yellow line underlined in black extending along each side. The body has a scattering of dark dots. The body tapers uniformly from the head to the tail. The head has a pair of small orange and black horns.

The caterpillars have been found feeding on:

  • Golden Wattle ( Acacia pycnantha, MIMOSACEAE ),
  • White Mallee ( Eucalyptus dumosa, MYRTACEAE ), and
  • Velvet Bean ( Cassia tomentella, CAESALPINIACEAE ).

    Thalaina angulosa
    (Photo: copyright Cathy Byrne)

    The adult is a silky white, with a rusty zig-zag pattern outlined in black on each forewing. The forewing pattern is similar to that of Thalaina clara but that has a straight brown line from the costa to tornus, whereas Thalaina angulosa has a straight brown line from the base to near the middle of the margin.

    Thalaina angulosa
    (Photo: courtesy of Lorraine Jenkins, Port Lincoln, South Australia)

    The hindwings each bear a large irregular black subterminal patch, which is covered by the forewing when at rest. The moth has a wingspan of about 4 cms.

    Thalaina angulosa
    (Photo: courtesy of CSIRO/BIO Photography Group, Centre for Biodiversity Genomics, University of Guelph)

    The species has been found on mainland Australia, including:

  • Queensland,
  • New South Wales,
  • Victoria,
  • South Australia, and
  • the south of Western Australia.

    Thalaina angulosa
    (Photo: courtesy of Ted Cadwallader)

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